Top Home Remedies For Ant Bites

There are different types of ant species such as carpenter, fire, crazy, little black, odorous, pharaoh, pavement, ghost, argentine, leafcutter, and many more. These ants are dangerous for your home, your family, and your home belongings. To get rid of these ants you can use home ant control remedies. Moreover, Observing a mark of ant bite Fire ants are the most dangerous ants among other ants. Because their bites are very painful and cause very bad itching. Other ant’s sting but their bite is less hurtful and this gives slighter itching. So, few home remedies also give relief from ant bites instantly.

Ant Control
Ant Control
  1. Lime juice and baking powder

Lemon juice and baking powders are both ant control treatments. And are best in lessening the burning with ant bites. Cut the lemon into half and compress lime juice into a dish. Now, apply it on where the ant bit you. Also, mix half a teaspoon of baking powder with a little quantity of water and make a fine paste, after applying this solution to your bite. You can use 1 mixture out of these two remedies and you will get instant relief.

  1. Use Colgate

Toothpaste is the best ant control strategy that helps in reducing the ants. It also decreases the itchiness and blazing given by the wild ants. Take a little quantity of Colgate on your finger and put it onto the biting area that will give relaxation.

  1. Use cucumber

Cucumber has many health benefits and it also helps in removing the ants from your house and also aids to lessen the irritability of the ant’s bite. Cut the thin slice of the cucumber and rub it on the affected area.

  1. Apply olive oil

Olive oil is also a pest removal remedy which is the most effective method to reduce the ants from your home. You can also apply olive oil twice a day when you find a group of ants and it also cools the burning of ant bites.

  1. Salt

Salt is the common ingredient in the house and an affordable pest control method to remove the ants from the house and helps in reducing the bump and itchiness from bites. Mix salt into the water and apply to the burning area and you will feel calm.

  1. Use Honey

You can find honey easily in your kitchen and honey is also the best solution to keep the ants away from your home. Applying a few drops of honey to the concerned area will give immediate relief.


If you are disturbed by these harmful ants and want to get rid of these threatening ants and do not find any better results from these home remedies then the best solution is to call the professionals right away because they know the expert methods to remove these ants permanently from your home and home garden. Also, these ant professionals know how to get instant relief from these ant bites immediately. So, you can hire the best services for ant removal.